He’s my favorite.


Lilo. The most versatile ship there is. Listen, many Liam fans (and many more Louis fans) are not into Lilo. That is really sad because I’m not sure there are many people that those two love more than the other. They went from being completely WTF about each other, to practically living in each other’s pockets, to what it is now: a strong reliable friendship.  In Lilo, you find a lot of pranks and teasing. When they are on, they stay on. No one gets each other as riled up as they do. But there’s also a lot of protectiveness and respect there as well.  Partners in a lot of ways.  Band Parents. Songwriting. Business. The forever taken crew. The Zayn boys. See what I mean? Lilo for your eyes and your soul. Take a look at Lilo’s finest and peek in for some LILO thoughts from some of your faves.



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toronto, aug 1st. video creds to my mom, u rock.