Title: Alright on repeat
Artist: Louis Tomlinson
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you’re welcome

louis tomlinson: a summary (insp)

Anonymous: "This is the tea anon haha. Thanks so much for the video links! :) If I could bother you for one more link from that photoset, I really want to watch the video where Louis is making himself tea (it looks like a behind the scenes video? the one where he's boiling the kettle?). Thanks again! You're the best for providing me with Louis+tea. Such an adorable combination. :) And, if there are any tea-related videos not in the photoset that you can share, I will never say no to those hehe."

i’m pretty sure that’s from the movie!! aaaaand i can’t think of any other videos like that but i’m sure that you can find more on youtube!!! :)



Niall’s face in the second one. I don’t even remember what Louis said.